The Orrell Trust develops and delivers a wide range of projects to engage the whole community. We ensure that we offer a range of activities for people of all ages that are inclusive.
We pride ourself on our partnership working and deliver collaborative projects that build and develop relationships, breakdown barriers and encourage engagement. The Orrell Trust is a charity with aspirations and constantly developing projects to meet the needs and wants of our community.
We work with and are supported by several funders such as The Steve Morgan Foundation, PH Holt, Burbo Bank and the Tudor Trust to name a few, these funders provide us with financial support so we can reach our potential, grow and develop.
The Orrell Trust prides itself on the many fundraisers held throughout the year which include makers markets, quiz nights, disco and theme nights plus much more. These events allows Lou feeds to take the lead, plan and develop sessions as well as bringing the community together.